The Montana Pesticide Waste Disposal Program

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The Montana Pesticide Waste Disposal Program is a free program administered by the Montana Department of Agriculture. Since its start in 1994, the program has collected more than 700,000 pounds of wastes. It is an important program that helps protect Montana’s environment. The program accepts a variety of wastes, including:

      • Empty pesticide containers.
      • Pesticide residues.
      • Contaminated soil.
      • Contaminated clothing.

However, it does not accept:

      • Explosives.
      • Radioactive materials.
      • Medical waste.

To participate, you must register online or call the Montana Department of Agriculture. Once registered, you can schedule a time to bring your wastes to a disposal event which are held throughout the year in various locations around the state. You can find a list of upcoming disposal events on the Department of Agriculture’s website.

By participating in the program, you can:

      • Dispose of your pesticide waste safely and properly.
      • Help protect the environment.
      • Save money on disposal fees.

We encourage all our ensured to do their part to protect our environment by using this program. With more than 55 agents and 60 locations across the state of Montana and northern Idaho, Farmers Union Insurance is equipped to guide you in important insurance decisions to protect what matters most to you.  To find your local agent, click here.

Montana Department of Agriculture
Pesticide Waste Disposal Program